The Basic Strategy in BlackJack


With the help of powerful electronic calculators and through mathematical analysis it was possible to define a set of rules for the player that are defined as a basic strategy . The rules contemplate all possible cases and indicate to the blackjack player – considering the dealer’s up card – the cases in which he must “draw card”, “double down”, split pairs “,” stand “, etc.

IPO Preview: GAN Limited Starts U.S. IPO EffortThe basic Online bet 96Ace Malaysia strategy must absolutely be known by a blackjack player , together with the rules of the blackjack dealer , because for each hand it indicates from a probabilistic point of view which is the best choice to make. This does not mean that you will always win, but for each hand, considering your cards and the dealer’s upside one will show you which is the best choice to make.

By employing this basic strategy, the disadvantage towards the dealer is almost completely eliminated and the game becomes almost fair. With this strategy, in fact, considering a game of equal mass (ie the player always bets one unit) the disadvantage towards the dealer is only 0.68% , an almost negligible disadvantage and less than any other casino game.

By adding to the basic strategy other systems such as card counting for example that of counting 10 and varying the bet (increasing it) in cases where the deck is in our favor we can even have a substantial advantage over the dealer which translates to long go into safe winning.

This study is done on a game consisting of 6 decks at the beginning of the deck. The study of volumes and studies on the subject will enlighten the reader on the most reliable systems developed for this game.

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