The Playtech Software Of Online Casinos


The Playtech is one of the best known brands in the production of software in the world and offers platforms for the most popular online casino and poker room. Playtech is at the forefront of online gaming in relation to the gambling sector, or rather the game with real and virtual money.

In addition to the possibility of casino and poker, Playtech produces software for bingo, video betting, skill games and so on.

The Playtech software have, since the beginning, recorded an excellent success for the graphics, the musical themes, the interesting atmospheres of the gaming platforms.

With regard to online casinos, the Playtech software is a valid proposal so that the jackpots of the various games available may depend on them.

It is precisely the same software that opts to “accumulate” the money of the games and therefore if a software is used in more online casinos it is also able to have higher progressive jackpots.

The more online casinos that employ certain software and proportionately the more players are able to raise the jackpots by playing, the greater the winnings.

Playtech software is very important in the world of online gaming so much so that it can cover one of the most important features for online bettors, the winnings sector.

Playtech online casinos are renowned for accustoming their players to really high winnings, we are also talking about hundreds of thousands of euros.


One of the main features is the strong presence on the Asian market, in fact, Playtech casinos are very present in Asian countries.

Playtech’s software has a very good reputation for its reliability, graphics and ease of use.

Slot machines are proportionately down slightly from other competitors, but Playtech is a leader in table games and soft games (we’re talking luck-focused games).

Features of Playtech Casinos

  • Wide range of choice with more than 140 games.
  • Adjustable size paper.
  • Multi – game window that allows you to play several games simultaneously
  • Adjustable speed where you can opt for which speed to play.
  • Progressive Slot Machines.
  • Video Poker.
  • Presence of much more popular table games (Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc.)
  • Downloadable or non-downloadable access to the casino system via the same account.

Fair play

Playtech is a game developer, but it also aims to worry about compulsive gamblers: the game must in fact remain pure and simple fun.

The company then launched a system to be able to identify compulsive gambling behaviors, to be able to offer valid help to players and direct them to specialized associations.

Playtech has achieved official certification from many respected game authors. We are talking about the evaluation of the RNG (Radom Number Generator) TST (Technical Systems Testing) and ABB, a British association of bookmakers.


Playtech’s software is used in many other poker rooms: in Italy, for Sisal it has presented an online poker room through which it is possible to play many variants of poker, including Omaha and Texas Hold’em.

In England Playtech was involved in the development of the software for the Manchester United online poker site.

Playtech official site

The Playtech company was founded in 1999.

To date, it has almost 550 employees in different countries around the world, especially in the research and development sector.

The parent company is located in the British Virgin Islands, while its head office is located on the Isle of Man.

Since 2006, the company has been listed on the London Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

Since then, the company has launched a large number of promotions and rewards for players.

Today they are present in the online gaming industry.

We are talking about VIP programs where the most loyal customers can receive additional bonuses.

There are many card games that work through a real dealer who can distribute the cards live, the image is then streamed to all the players present at the table.

At multi – player tables it is always possible to communicate with others via chat.

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